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Great Hangouts in Charlottesville to Imbibe and Keep Warm in Winter

People who visit Charlottesville usually love its rich history, picturesque scenery, and the numerous spots for craft beers, wines, and hard ciders. However, finding a cozy brewery, winery, or cidery to enjoy a drink with an awesome ambiance can be tricky during the colder months if you are not familiar with the area. As someone who gets cold easily and a longtime resident of C’ville, I have become very adept at  identifying cozy indoor spots to hang out!

Defining the Criteria for the Best Hangouts 

These are a few of the best hangouts in Charlottesville to imbibe and keep warm this winter! When determining where to go, this is the criteria I considered. – Location – In this blog locations nearest Charlottesville were examined as many visitors stay within or near the city limits and ideally, you want to find a great spot that is relatively close to where you are staying. – Ambiance – You want a place that has an indoor area that is comfortable, relaxed, and has a great vibe and maybe some music. You do not want to go somewhere loud and crowded where you cannot hear yourself think. Parking- Finding a place where there is plenty of parking means you can avoid those long cold walks from the car to your point of destination. 


Three Notch’d Brewery is within walking distance of the Historic Downtown Mall, however there is plenty of street parking and a large parking lot within the vicinity. While there is a good deal of outdoor seating there is even more inside. The Brewery’s long picnic style tables make this a great spot for a large group looking for food and brews. 

Another brewery near downtown Charlottesville is Selvedge Brewery, which has food, craft brews and a great urban vibe with plenty of indoor seating. There are a variety of smaller and larger tables and a few comfy couches which can easily accommodate a sizeable group or just a couple of people. Check out their calendar for music and trivia.  

A local favorite is Decipher Brewery which has a decidedly shabby sheik vibe. This brewhouse has plenty of indoor seating, fire pits weather permitting, and plenty of space at the bar. Inside here you can bring a picnic or have food delivered while enjoying a flight or pint of delicious beer.  

Wine and Cider 

Eastwood Farm and Winery, which resides within proximity of Charlottesville, has a large indoor barn-style space. Tables and couches are scattered throughout the area for seating while a musician is often seen playing on the small stage which dominates one end of the room. A large porch with plenty of seating enclosed in plastic sheets and heat lamps make hanging outside possible even on colder days. There is usually a food truck in which guests can order their delicious cuisine right from the bar without ever having to step outside. 

While seating outside at Jefferson Vineyard is optimal there is now a second tasting room where you can sit inside. Jefferson Vineyard’s indoor space is unique because here you can bring your picnic inside while so many wineries only allow picnics outside. There is also a small sandwich shop nearby with plenty of delectable goodies if you would rather not pack your own food.

If wine or beer is not your jam or you simply love cider, Potters Craft Cider has a great indoor space to hang out with friends and imbibe. Potters is just minutes away from Charlottesville city center. Charming and cozy, there is a stage inside for musicians to perform and there are plenty of tables available upstairs and downstairs to sit and relax with friends. Snacks are available at the bar, but you can also bring your own food to enjoy inside. 

Wine, Cider and Beer Oh My! 

One of the most unique spots I have recently discovered, despite my long residency in Charlottesville, is Michie Tavern’s 1784 Pub. The Pub has the look and feel of an 18th Century tavern including the barkeep dressed in period style clothing. Unlike the Tavern you do not need a reservation for the Pub. Local wine, cider and beer are served along with a menu of snacks. The chicken tenders are not to be missed. There is a huge fireplace located near the bar and tables are scattered throughout various rooms. The pub has extremely limited hours so you will want to make sure they are open before you go. While the pub can be great fun you will want to dress warmly as it not only looks like an 18th century tavern it feels like one too.  


There are many wonderful places in Charlottesville to enjoy a drink, so you have lots of options. Whether you prefer beer, cider, wine, or something else, you will have no problem finding the best hangouts in town to imbibe and keep warm this winter. 

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