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We want to help you make the most of your stay and since Charlottesville and its surrounding counties have so much to offer, we have conveniently divided the area into regions for visitors to follow when adventuring beyond the city limits.

As locals we know the area and have created a practical division of regions which will allow you to organize your trip or excursions efficiently. For example, you can organize your day knowing which restaurants and wineries are located near that historic attraction you are planning to visit. You can also decide on a convenient location for your stay after your all-day hike or biking expedition. There are many ways you can plan your day or visit, and knowing what is available and where will make it a little easier.

Charlottesville Metro

The metro region is comprised of Downtown, UVA, and 29 North. The older more historic parts of Charlottesville reside in the downtown and UVA area. Here you will find most restaurants, live music, and entertainment. The 29 North corridor offers plentiful shopping, family entertainment, fast-food, and chain restaurants.    

East, Fluvanna, and Louisa

Eastern Albemarle, along with large portions of Fluvanna and Louisa County make up this region. This is a fairly rural area which boasts waterways and lakes where activities such as boating and fishing are popular. Wineries, craft breweries, and golf courses can also be found in this region.  

Northeast & Orange

A part of Northeast Albemarle, and most of Orange County make up this region. This area encompasses picturesque historic towns, farms, open land and rolling hills. Here you make suprising discoveries, go on great adventures and learn more about our national history.  

North, Greene, & Madison

Northern Albemarle, Green, and Madison Counties make up this region which encompass parts of Shendoah National Park on its western edge. Small rural towns are dotted throughout the area providing country charm and respite for the weary traveler.  

Shenandoah National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway

The George Washington and Jefferson National Forests make up this Region of the Shenandoah National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway. This area is ensconced by the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are named for their famous blue hue, and are the second oldest Mountain Range in existence. The entrance to these National Parks intersects just 20 minutes from Charlottesville.  

South and Nelson

South of Charlottesville into Albemarle, Nelson and Part of Buckingham County make up this dynamic region of Virginia. Much of this region is made up of palatial estates, farms and beautiful countryside which encompasses rolling hills, scenic views and quaint historic villages.  


West & Waynesboro

Western Albemarle, and the towns of Crozet and Waynesboro make up this region. The quiant community of Crozet butts up against the Blueridge which plays host to some lovely estate wineries while Waynesboro resides just on the otherside of the mountains proffering up some excellent scenic views.  

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