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Bodo’s Bagels-Preston

conveniently located downtown with its own parking lot.


Bodo’s Bagels is a Charlottesville institution that has been consistently chosen as one of news magazine ‘Cville Weekly’ “Best of” since 1996. Locally owned and operated since 1988, anyone living in Charlottesville is well acquainted with this local favorite. Whether you have just moved here or are visiting family or friends’ part of your initiation into the community is typically a visit to Bodo’s.   

This trio of New York-style bagel shops offer freshly baked bagels that rival that of any New York City bagel shop. There is a wide variety of bagels and cream cheeses to choose from which are made in-house every day from scratch using fresh ingredients. The chicken salad, the subject of a long-held Charlottesville debate as to whether the ‘chicken’ in the salad was turkey or chicken (really turkey) is an absolute must try.  

Delicious, fast, and inexpensive this counter service dinner makes it easy to take out or dine in for a quick bite. The Preston Avenue location is conveniently located downtown with its own parking lot. A perfect spot for an affordable lunch or breakfast for those shopping or working nearby. 


Any Way You Want It

Nothing comes standard so you can get your bagel sandwich any way you want it. With a variety of unique condiments to choose from such as their feta or Kalamata Olive spread you can create something delicious.

Drive Thru

Unique to this location is the drive thru. When COVID made its first appearance the ever-efficient Bodo’s had this very busy drive-thru down to an art. This standard remains so those who are in a hurry never need to worry

Warm Bagels

No need to toast these Bagels. Bodo’s makes their Bagels fresh throughout the day, which means your bagel will arrive nice and warm. The perfect consistency, nice and firm on the outside and chewy on the inside.
Monday 6:30 - 8
Tuesday 6:30 - 8
Wednesday 6:30 - 8
Thursday 6:30 - 8
Friday 6:30 - 8
Saturday 7 - 4
Sunday 8 - 3
Cuisine: American, Vegetarian


AMENITIES:Locally Owned | On-Site Parking
GOOD FOR:Couples | Families | Students & Parents
TYPE:Bakery | Deli
SERVING:Breakfast | Dinner | Lunch



Bodo’s Bagels-Preston
505 Preston Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 293-5224